Monday, March 21, 2011

Dogsitting Day 3

We have some progress!!!!!

Yesterday I let the dogs go into the bedroom to see Scout and after awhile Scout decided to go downstairs. He started out behind the furniture, but eventually made it to the top of the couch where he relaxed. When TJ took the dogs for a walk, Scout went to the door and kept watch until they came back! Then he went back to the bedroom. I was very proud of him.

It seems like the calmer dog, Madison, is the one that really wants to get Scout to be nice to her. She is constantly bugging him(barking at him and whining) and Scout does not like it!! Ironically, this is the dog he was making friends with when they first arrived, until hyper Piper scared him LOL. Piper pretty much leaves him alone, but when he moves she watches.

I took the dogs on a walk by myself yesterday. Wouldn't you know that when they go with TJ all they do is pee, but when I take them they decide to poop?! And of course I have to clean it up. YUCK. Today I am taking them one at a time. That way I get a little more exercise out of it. And when TJ is done with work we are taking them to the dog park so they can run around.

We also have started letting them on the furniture. I made sure they are allowed to do this at home. They like to lay on the bed with me :) And sit on the couch.

I'm hoping that soom, Scout will be snuggling with the dogs LOL!!


That corgi :) said...

I bet right around the time Scout warms up completely to them, they'll go home and then he'll end up missing them, LOL

but glad all is going well with it!

enjoy the day!


Robyn :) said...

Betty, your comments always brighten my day :)

I was thinking the same thing about Scout!! he has done that before when we cat sat. He finally realized having another cat around could be fun, but by then the cat was sick of Scout's meanness. Then he went home.