Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dogsitting Day 6

Yesterday was......challenging.

Most of the day was okay. I took the dogs out separately, then TJ and I took them on a walk in the evening. I had to go out for awhile and they had to stay in their crate. I also decided that they could not go into my room without me because they bother Scout too much. I want him to feel safe in there. I did bring him downstairs in the afternoon and safely delivered him to the top of the couch. He liked sitting behind me, but when he relaxed he kept poking me in the head with his foot!!

After we walked the girls, I let them come into the bedroom with me to watch TV. Scout came and layed on me and Piper got up on the bed and sniffed him and licked him, to which he growled LOL. I was also doing laundry and I got up to put stuff away and when I came back I discovered that Piper had peed on my bed!! I think she did it while I was laying there and I just didn't notice. I know it was her because Madison did not get on the bed. She also pooped in the entryway. That wasn't so bad as we have hardwood floors and it was easy to clean. The bed -- not so much. Needless to say, the dogs are not allowed in my room at all anymore!

Right now they are both trying to sit together on TJ's side of the couch :)

Only a few more days :)

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That corgi :) said...

I wonder if the dogs are taking care of their "business" inside the house on your floor/bed because they are under stress from not being in their normal routine. One would think they would be past those days, know what I mean?? All in all, I think a good day!