Monday, March 28, 2011

Favorite Places

Chez Larsson did a post on her favorite places and asked her readers to tell her our favorites in the comments. I thought I would share my list with my own readers :) Then you can share yours!

No particular order(except number one)

1. Laguna Beach, CA. My most favorite place on earth. I love the beach, the tide pools, the restuarants, the shops and art galleries. All in one place.
2. Kansas -- my current home. Love the Flint Hills, Topeka, Junction City(where I work), and Milford Lake.
3. California in general. My home state. Especially love Knott's Berry Farm, the beaches, Whittier, Trabuco canyon(a new favorite), Hollywood, the Valley, Beverly Hills, Disneyland......
4. New York City. I have been there twice and loved it!! So much to see. I really like Central Park and Times Square.
5 Central Florida. Lived there for 3 years. I especially like Lake Wales. And the beach. Clearwater Beach and Tarpon Springs. Tampa, Orlando, Dade City area.
6. Victoria, Canada. Literally the most beautiful city I have ever been to.
7. Seattle. Love the Public Market, downtown and Space Needle
8. Kansas City. Love The Plaza, Crown Center, City Market, Arabia Steamboat Museum and downtown.
9. Boston. You can't beat the history!! Or the Canoli's at Mike's Pastries!
10. Maine. I fell in love with the southern coastal area and Freeport.
11. Las Vegas. I love the lights!! And the themes of the casinos and hotels. and the free shows.

What are your favorite places?

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That corgi :) said...

You picked great favorite places! Laguna Beach is great, isn't it? We lived in Laguna Niguel for two years; loved being close to the beach, but not the pretentious people.

Disneyland, I like that indeed, plus that whole area, Knotts, etc.

My favorite places:

San Diego, the beach, things to do, great weather most of the time.

Washington, DC. My sister lives outside of it; went to visit a few years back. Liked all the fun things to do plus the Metro (doesn't take much to excite me, LOL)