Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five On Friday

I am going to start something new here where every Friday I will feature 5 blogs that I read. I will start with the ones on my sidebar, followed by others that I follow, followed by ones I have bookmarked :) I will explain how i found them and a bit of what they are about. Then you can check them out for yourself!! (oh, and if I feature yours or you see you are on my reading list or know I follow you and you do not want me to feature you, let me know)

So let's get started. Here are this week's five...

1.A Bowl Full of Lemons. I found this blog through another one, though I have no idea which one!! LOL She gives a lot of awesome cleaning tips. This was where I first heard of Shaklee and I signed up for membership under her.

2. a corgi in southern california. I found this blog by doing a Blogger blog hop. I pull up my blog and then at the top hit next blog and keep going looking for interesting blogs. This was one that I found :) I like blogs about animals and it was a bonus that dear Koda lives in my old neck of the woods :) Sort of. I have also found a faithful commenter in having started to follow this blog :) As the title implies, the blog is about a dog. His name is Koda. He is awesome.

3. Alabama Slacker Mom. I found her through another blog, but again, I have no idea which one!! She is really funny and has great topics like redecorating and going to fleamarkets and other stuff that interests me. Recently she reposted about blowing up peeps in the microwave and it was hilarious!! I also was very touched by the life story of her daughter.

4. Always and Forever Ours and The Starshine Report. I have to put these together because they are written by the same person, Tracy :). I think my friend, Kim, suggested The Starshine Report to me. I really enjoyed Tracy's blog about her life. When she and her husband began the process of adopting a child from Africa she started Always and Forever Ours to chronicle the process and journey. Today she and her husband are the proud parents of two adorable little boys from Ethiopia.

5. Carrie on Vegan. This one is written by an old friend from college. I met Carrie our freshman year as we lived in the same dorm. I also have a nice story about her. My best friend, Bonnie, and I later lived in another, smaller dorm. During the holidays ours was one of only 2 that were open. If you didn't live in these dorms and wanted to stay during the holidays you had to ask someone who lived there if you could stay in their room. One year Carrie asked us if she could stay in our room and we readily agreed. Upon returning after the holidays we found that Carrie had left us beautiful little potpurri pillows as a thank you. She didn't have to, but that is the kind of person she is :) Anyway, about her blog....She has decided to become a Vegan and she shares recipes and products and anything else related to being a Vegan and being healthy. Exactly what I need!! She also does giveaways :)

So, those are my first 5. Next week I will feature the next 5 on my list. If you cannot wait go over to the side and click them on!!

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Tracy said...

Hi Robyn! Thanks for featuring my blogs here!