Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fleeting Ankle Pain

My body is really weird.

Last night when I got up off the couch (after about an hour or so) my right ankle was hurting. I am pretty sure I wasn't sitting funny as I was on the computer and I sit with the recliner out. I hadn't fell or bumped it into anything, either. It was odd. I went upstairs to read in bed and elevated it and figured it would feel better in the morning.


It still hurt. Quite a bit. I decided a doctor's visit was in order. I had to go somewhere before work(if I was going) and when I got back home I could barely walk on my ankle at all. I came in and went straight to the couch. I put the recliner out and elevated my ankle and asked TJ to get me the ice pack. I had made an appointment for later in the morning so I didn't go to work.

After icing my ankle it felt better. I could walk on it without even limping!! I hadn't even taken any pain medicine. I did notice it felt sore, still, but I mostly felt that while just sitting. It was also slightly swollen.

I went to the doctor and had x-rays, but she won't get the results for awhile. She thinks that maybe when I injured my ankle about a year or so ago(I fell off my back porch AND a bout a month later I stepped in a drain hole) I may have done something. Or it caused a bit of arthritis and I just had a flare up.

Whatever the case, I took some Motrin and wrapped it with an Ace bandage and then went to work. It never hurt again (the bandage was uncomfortable, though), though right now it does feel a little sore. I guess if it starts hurting again to where it is hard to walk on I can just put some ice on it for awhile!!.

i just remembered that when I was a kid I fell off my skateboard and hurt the same ankle and foot pretty bad. No sprain or anything, but it hurt a lot LOL. Also, about 8 years ago I fell down a step at my cousin's on Christmas and it swelled up then. I even had to wear a slipper to work the next day. I don;t have much luck with this lower right side of my body!!


That corgi :) said...

it does sound painful though with the swelling and not being able to ambulate for a bit; glad you did get it checked out with x-rays though!


Dumb Mom said...

Dumb Dad has a bad ankle that he likes to use an excuse for why he can't do things like coach our son's basketball team or take the garbage out to the street. I can tell it really does hurt sometimes like yours seems to. I came over to say hi because the comment you left on The Peterson's blog about burying something in the yard made me lol. Just had to come say hi!