Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Front Closet

On my first day of Spring Break, the first project I tackled was the front closet. I had gone through it once previously so it wasn't too hard to get in order.

Here are the befores

Things just seem to get dumped in this corner.

Here are the afters
My jackets, sweaters and purses are on this side.

All of my purses are organized in the sweater shelf hanger. Motorcycle gear in the laundry basket and supplies to make pillow covers in the tub.

Pillow stuffing, pillows and AFTB books

Other side(TJ's jackets and Class A's hanging)

Desktop equipment, printer, maps in tub, sports stuff in crate

Suitcase, drawers(they hold decorative items to switch out)

The biggest problem we have with this closet is the tendency to dump things in it, which I am trying to avoid. I added the crate to keep the sports stuff together and the laundry basket so we can easily grab our motorcycle gear.

Right now this closet is also a kitty fortress for hiding from dogs!!

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That corgi :) said...

isn't it amazing how we always dump things on the floor? Closets are one of those things that can get out of control unless we take control of them, I think


Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

It looks better! I think that if there is a surface to put something, we do it... but if there isn't a surface - it goes on the floor! lol
Thanks for linking it to my Organizing Mission Monday link party!!