Friday, March 18, 2011

In Desperate Need of Doggie Advice!! (UPDATED)

TJ and I agreed to take on the challenge of dogsitting two medium sized dogs for the next nine days. Under 2 hours ago. The dogs have been here 30 minutes. They are pretty well behaved. Scout is quite upset.

When the dogs got here, Piper(the hyper one), set to exploring the house. Madison(the docile one) met Scout on the stairs. They sniffed each other and were fine. A little while later, Scout headed downstairs and Piper saw him and got excited, which scared scout, so he hissed and growled and got very defensive. Then he ran upstairs and hid. When he came out and I picked him up, I showed him Madison again and he hissed and growled. So he is now safe and sound in our room. We will keep him in there until the dogs go in their crate for the night and then let him have free reign. Hopefully he will not bother the dogs in the crate.

My question is --- what is the best way to try to get the animals used to each other? I want Scout to be able walk around freely as he normally does and I do not want the dogs in the crates unless absolutely necessary.

UPDATE -- TJ put the crate in the laundry room, which is off the kitchen. We can shut the door to the kitchen so while they are in the crate, Scout can walk around the rest of the house and not see the dogs. However, he has to come down off of my dresser before that!! LOL


That corgi :) said...

brave people you are to dog sit! that was nice of you to do that for your friends (saved them a ton on boarding costs for sure!!!)

I'm so clueless on how to get them to all get along. Koda is anti friendly with any creature so we don't socialize with other dogs at dog parks, even on walks. I'm hoping someone else can offer some advice, if not, call your vet or call PetCo or PetSmart if you have either one of them where you live and see if someone can give you some advice (like the people who run their training classes)

good luck and let's hope it is not a long 9 days!!


Robyn :) said...

Thanks, Betty!

Anonymous said...

First, it is going to take a little time. Putting the cat or dogs in a room and shutting the door and letting them kind of sniff noses under the door helps. Or you can put something that is Scout's in with the dogs and vice versa so they can smell and get used to the scent. Just don't push them to socialize. Scout will probably hide a lot but that's ok. Just make sure she has a place she feels safe even if it's on your dresser. Scout will probably hiss and maybe even swat at them but as long as no one is hurting the other (ie biting or using claws) then let them feel each other out. It doesn't sound like any of the animals are being aggressive and especially since this is a short term deal you may just have to let it go.

Kim said...

I agree with the last commenter. It will take time.

Robyn :) said...

Thanks ladies!!