Friday, March 4, 2011

Kitchen Cleaning #3 -- Stove and Oven Woes

A few posts ago, my friend, Carrie, left a nice comment about how clean my kitchen looked and that it pssed her clean kitchen test. I think her opinion might change after seeing this LOL

Warning: what you are about to see is quite shameful and disturbing. And let me tell you, I have had my fill of disturbing today. I got a few episodes of Criminal Minds on DVD from Netflix today from Season 2 and this one called Revelations was very hard to watch. Has this show and its fine actors ever won an Emmy? Because they totally deserve to. I also don't think I can ever watch Dawson's Creek again thanks to James Van Der Beak playing a psycho killer with multiple personalites. Seriously, his talents were wasted on that series.

But back to the topic at hand. Here is my horrifyingly dirty stove

And that isn't even the worst it has ever been!!

Here is the oven

I didn't even bother with the Basic H for this one, just went straight for the Degreaser and Scour Off paste.

I put the burners in the sink with hot water and Dawn(haven't gotten the Shaklee dish soap yet and I figure if they can use dawn on oil covered animals it is safe enough for my dishes and stove hardware)

The Degreaser did a pretty good job on its own

The Scour Off worked a little, but not completely.

So then I sprayed some more Degreaser on the tough spots, as well as the oven, and left it for approximately 10 minutes while I worked on cleaning off the burners. Then I went back and cleaned that off, then left the Scour off Paste on for about 5 minutes. I tried cleaning the spots agaon, but this is still left

Shaklee friends, I need your advice on what else I can do. Before I get out the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Or Bleach. Or Comet(not together!!). Trying to keep this non-toxic and all. I will also try to read through some blog archives to see what has worked for other people. The oven is counting on this information as well.

Just like Dr. Reid's kidnapping and torture ordeal on that CM eisode I watched, this is not over.(Yes, I just compared my appliance cleaning to an episode of Criminal Minds)

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