Saturday, March 26, 2011

Manhattan, Mexican and Menards

Yesterday TJ asked me of I wanted to go to Manhattan. For those of you new to my blog(and by the way, welcome newest followers!!), Manhattan is a town about 15 miles Northeast of Fort Riley. Slightly bigger than Junction City which is just outside our gates, Manhattan has more big name stores, chain restaurants and a mall. And a bigger library. Even though we don't live there, because we are military, I get to have a library card there as well as in JC.

Ok, anyway, TJ wanted to go to Best Buy. I ended up dragging him a bunch of other places!! LOL. We went to a thrift store where I found a couple of plates. We also went to Salvation Army, Hastings(I got a clean eating magazine), Dollar Tree(got spring placemats and a couple plastic containers), a mexican restaurant and Menards.

I want to tell you about the Mexican restaurant, first. It was called La Fiesta. We had not been there before, but have been to a La Fiesta in Abilene so it may be a part of the same chain. I am on a quest to find a place that makes enchiladas to my high standards. They have to taste a certain way. I believe it has something to do with the sauce and type of cheese used. There is a restaurant in California that makes the best. So far, the only place I have found out here that makes the same is Toto's Tacos in Wamego. The owner is from California. Anyway, La Fiesta did not deliver, but their Huevos Rancheros were quite delicious and I also discovered this...

Horchata!!! It is rice water. I figured since I liked rice milk, I would like this. I was right, but it is so much sweeter!! Definitely something I will be ordering at Mexican restaurants from now on.
I also usually order Flan for dessrt, but they had churros. Churros trump flan as they are not all that common out here. Anyway, these happened to be the world's fanciest churros

I was just expectong the churros themselves. Anyway, they weren't the best tasting churros, but they were okay.

I have 2 churro stories. First, if you go to Disneyland or Santa Monica Pier or any other amusement type place in California, most likely you will find a cart selling churros. My best friend, Bonnie, and I thought this was common to all amusement type places in the US. Not so. While at Disneyworld in Florida we searched high and low for some churros, but to no avail(except in the Mexico area of Epcot). We did find some tasty egg rolls, though.
Second, while TJ and I were at Santa Monica Pier in California I got a churro. I was walking along holding my churro out to the side(the cinnamon tends to fall off while walking) when I felt a tug on it. I thought someone was trying to steal my churro!! I turned to find a sea gull pulling on it!! He managed to tear a good chunk of it off !! It was hilarious.

After the Mexican resturant we headed over to the new Menards

Oh my goodness, I am totally in love with this store. I first heard about it while working for Home Depot as they were one of our rivals in the Northern states. This week they opened one in Manhattan.

I may never go to Home Depot again.

Menards is much nicer PLUS they have a small grocery section, pet stuff and small appliances. And some decorative items such as picture frames. And candles. Love it.

And that was the highlight of my Friday. Well, that and my drugged up cat


Kim said...

Oh my gosh! Those truly ARE the fanciest churros I've ever seen!

That corgi :) said...

never heard of Menards, but it does sound like a great type of store that offers a bit of everything! now I'm curious where the restaurant is here in California that makes great enchiladas!! I bet you would find the enchiladas you like in Santa Fe too.

LOL about the churos, you are right they are very popular at Disneyland! I kind of figured the sea gull got some of yours at Santa Monica; I bet they make a "living" "stealing" from everyone there!!

sounds like a great Friday!


Robyn :) said...

Betty, it is called Mexico 1900 and is in La Mirada at Leffingwell and La Mirada Blvds.