Friday, March 25, 2011

My Purses

Sandy at Organizing With Sandy had a post today on organizing all your purses. Not what's in them, but what to do with all them.

Now in my Purse Purging Post I was going to include a picture of where I keep my purses, but I totally forgot to take a picture!

Never fear, that is what this post is for!!

I have tried different methods of storing my purses. At 2 points I used the Apprentice desk organizer

Now it holds office stuff.

I have hung them on hangers, but it was a pain to take them off.

I put them in one of my dresser cabinets

But now it holds my solid color tees and tanks and some long sleeved shirts

Finally, I keep them here now

In my sweater organizer!! Before putting my sweaters away I actually switched them out with purses and put the sweaters in the above cabinet.

Anyway, the sweater organizer is perfect because it is in the front closet by the door and I can separate them by size and style. Perfect.

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