Sunday, March 13, 2011

Organizing Photos and Scrapbooking

I'm a bit late with this.

Last week's challenge was organizing photos. I already have a system which I will share in this post (plus my system for scrapbooking), but if you would like to know how to get started or want some awesome tips, check out THIS POST.

I have actually started over this year since I have Little Blue. Prior to getting her I transferred all of my photos on the desktop to CDs. I am behind on scrapbooking about a year and a half (I think). I will go back to those photos at another time. Right now I am trying to keep current.

I transfer my photos from the camera to laptop regularly. Each month I start a new folder and keep all the photos from that month in it. Each time I upload pictures my laptop makes a folder for that set, so I have folders within a folder :) Super organized. At the end of the month I save that month's folder(and its folders LOL)to a USB stick(or whatever you call it). I also upload the pictures to Snapfish and get to work making collages out of them. When I need photos to scrapbook I place an order :)

I like making the collages because 4x6 prints are 9 cents, but if I can get a few photos on a 4x6 collage, I then save money! The collage print is also only 9 cents! Plus I can add a title and a color for the background. That way, I can also put it in an album without scrapbooking and it will look nice.

Once I get the photos back, I like to put them in photo sleeves. If I have enough of one subject I just keep them in there instead of scrapping them. (I forgot to take a picture of this)

For the ones I want to scrapbook I have a process. First, I count how many pictures I have.

Then I look in a binder I made to find a layout with that amount of photos.

Once I find one I look for paper and embellishments to model after the layout. I put them all(pictures, layout idea, paper and embellishments) in a page protector.

However, while preparing for a crop this past week, I found that looking through my binder was a bit tedious and chaotic. So I took an old photo album binder

and added sketch ideas I was saving

At the crop I found this even more confusing(most of the sketches did not specify what was the picture and what was empty space!) So now I am considering getting a layout book from Close To My Heart. It not only has photos of beautiful layouts, it also has sketches and tells you the dimensions of everything!

Right now I am toying with the idea of making some theme scrapbooks or starting another one for the year or half year. I was using binder albums, but a friend gave me some strap hinges that I can substitute in post bound albums I have. We'll see.

My goal is too keep up with my photos and also, little by little, go back and scrapbook my previous photos, until they are all done :)

I am linking to Week #5 Challenge -- Organizing Photos on A Bowl Full of Lemons

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That corgi :) said...

thanks for following our blog (a corgi in southern california) and your kind comment! oh my gosh, you are totally organized with your pictures! Mine make it on the computer and just stay there; I always admire those that scrap book; the finished products come out looking so nice and very creative! I like your idea aobut the collage with the pictures; great way to group pictures at such a reasonable cost per picture!!

(the area we were at for the drive was Otay Lakes area heading towards Jamul.......)

looking forward to getting to know you more :)