Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purse Purging(and Organizing)

Organize with Sandy is doing a series on purse organizing and purging this week. I kid you not, I had just got done pulling things out of my Front Closet, including a purse I had been using for work that needed to be gone through, when I read about this week's purse organization. How is that for timing? I went ahead and documented my process so I could link to her organization party.

This is the bag.

I bought her last summer to take to California for the flight and drive back in the UHaul since I did not want to use my regular pink carry-on. Then I started using her for work, but somehow she ended up on the shelf in the closet.

Anyway, here is what came out of her

Here is what I kept.

And here is what I tossed

This is my hardhat from last year when we were preparing for our school renovation.

Sadly, I have no use for it so it got thrown out, too.

I put my toiletries and medicine in this pretty little purse

I also went through my regular purse

Here is HER story. My best friend, Bonnie, has a Vera Bradley which she got on sale and when she was out here last summer we were looking at the ones at the PX, but none were on sale. She knew I wanted one so she sent me the above one for my birthday :)

I went through the purse and here is what was in her

And in the insert(which is usually all I take with me)

Toss pile

Stuff that could be put away elsewhere

I organized stuff into piles
(I had a picture, but it showed my debit card and I thought that wasn't a good thing to post)
1. Discount cards and gift cards and certificates
2.Reloadable gift cards
3. Library cards
4. Boat license and info card
5. Medicine
6. Insert with ID card, license, Tricare cards, AAA card, SS card, debit and credit card and cash and change.

Pockets inside

I separated out the discount cards and certificates for free stuff and the library cards and reloadable gift cards.

Zippered side I put my little bag of medicine in

Picture of my mom and dad

Insert in side pocket

I can use the purse by itself, put it in the polka dot bag

OR just take out the little card insert.

If you would like some great tips on organizing your purse please see Sandy's Post

I am linking to HERE for


Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

Awesome job! Cute Vera Bradley purse, how sweet of your friend.
Isn't it amazing how much we accumulate in our purses?
Cute hard hat. Things like that are hard to give up, but your right... if you don't have a reason to keep it or a place to use it, it is best to give to someone who can use it.
Thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission link party.
I'm also going to grab a picture to put on my Part 1 of my Organizing purse post.

Kea said...

I really like that purse. :-)

I'm not sure how you found my Fuzzy Tales site, with Nicki and Derry (and recently passed "angel" Annie, plus "angel" Chumley), but that's for commenting!

BTW, I love, love, LOVE to declutter and reorganize things. Okay, except for my files -- both at work and at home. LOL.

id card printing said...

Business cards are a great way to advertise your business.

Anonymous said...

I keep everything organized but my purse is the one thing that can never seem to stay clean!