Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday in Salina

This past weekend was Stake Conference for our church. A Stake is a bunch of Wards(the area your church serves -- ours is Junction City and outlying towns) in the Mormon church. Our stake is the Salina stake. So the Stake Center (a larger church building -- the Salina wards meet there as well) is in Salina. The Saturday evening session(also called the adult Session, but I don't like that because people do bring their kids) was at 6pm, but TJ and I left home a little after noon to make a day out of it.

Salina is only 45 minutes away, but still.

We first stopped in Abilene, which is on the way, to visit the Greyhound Hall of Fame and Russell Stovers. I think the last time I was at the Greyhound HOF was last summer with Bonnie. I was very saddened to learn that The Talented Mr. Ripley passed away in November from a stroke. He had been there since before I moved to Kansas. Ripley is inducted in the Hall of Fame, even. They still have Jade, who is such a sweetheart.

They have gotten her since I have lived here. She is kind of lonely now, so hopefully they will get another retired greyhound to live there soon.

We also visited Russell Stovers. Not only do they have an outlet store in Abilene, they have a factory, too!! I bought some candy for Miss K and her brother for Easter and TJ got some OOPS cherry cordials and a carmel apple. As we were checking out I realized I did not get anything for myself!! That's a first!! I did partake of a free sample, though, LOL.

When we got to Salina we went to the Harley Shop first. Then we went downtown to go to the Salvation Army thrift store

I got a nice rectangular flat basket for sandwich fixings in my fridge.

Then we took a nice "scenic" tour of Salina looking for Big Lots. I did not realize it was on 9th street. I did not realize 9th street was as close to I-135 as it is. I did know the mall was on 9th. And Red Lobster. Which is where we went to dinner. Our waiter, Nathan B., was awesome!

Before dinner, though, we managed to find a DQ/Orange Julius combo so TJ got a strawberry and I got a peach.

Isn't he hot?

A couple more cool things we saw.

After dinner we went to the mall. And didn't buy anything! Then it was time to head over to the Stake Center. The conference was pretty good. For the past 2 I have attended the final speaker has managed to offend me. The first time it was our Stake President(whom I absolutely love). He commented on all the storage facilities in Junction City and how it was a reflection that people had too much stuff. I was offended because a lot of those storage units are used by people who have moved from somewhere else and our living in smaller quarters or people who have gone home to family during the deployment. At the next conference I attended the last speaker was someone else and he preceded his talk by saying that even though it was going to be about teaching children it did not just apply to parents and primary workers. Well, by saying that, it made me wonder why he was saying that and it pretty much suggested to me that he had to justify his talk and it did indeed really only apply to parents and primary workers. Which it totally sounded like it did. Now, if he had not said anything I would not have thought anything of it.

Annnnnnyyyywaaayyyyy, the Stake President was our last speaker this time around and I wasn't offended by anything(though there were a couple things that had the potential to offend me. Except they were true and pretty much did apply to me LOL!!).

After the conference we went to Braum's. So did half the people at the conference. Luckily we beat them all there. TJ had a strawberry shake and I had a Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sundae, fries and a limeade. They make it with real limes. One of the members of our Ward recommended Braum's fat free milk. He said it didn't taste watered down like most fat free milks. He was right!! he explained that it is because they add milk solids back in. It tastes like whole milk!! The only misgiving I had was that I did not know where it came from (like I do with my local dairy milk), but my friend, Megan, explained on Facebook that their farms are in Oklahoma(where she lives) and they are committed to not using hormones. So now I have another product to get when I go to Braum's :)

I rounded out the evening with a very funny episode of Saturday Night Live (highlights were Miley Cyrus playing Justin Bieber, a Sound of Music spoof and the devil discussing the westboro baptist church) and an episode of Criminal Minds(NBC totally shows one after SNL!)

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