Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scout's Take

My cat, Scout, would like to tell you about his week(as I get slapped in the head by his tail).

Hello, everyone. I hope you are enjoying your spring. As for me, it has started off very difficult.

You see, this was my mommy's Snuggle Break. That is when they give the kids and staff at school a week off in Spring to snuggle with their cats, or so I've heard. I was much looking forward to this.

Until the dogs came.

Mommy and Daddy decided to let 2 dogs stay here with us for a week. I was not on board with this. I like Kody next door and everything, but he is not much bigger than me, but these dogs are HUGE. And hyper(well, one of them). And all they want to do is bug me. I guess they want me to play or something, but I am afraid I will be crushed. They follow me if I walk around the house. And try to lick me. YUCK. Kody never does that. They also wait outside the bedroom door(where I hang out)for me and Mommy.

Now, to be fair, I do feel sorry for them. They were supposed to go on a vacation with their family, but then couldn't (though I can't imagine any animal actually wanting to be in a car for any amount of time!). And I know being here is better than a kennel(though the people at RC are very nice). I just wish they were a bit smaller!!

In addition to sharing my snuggle time with Mommy with the dogs, I also had to go to the vet to have my teeth cleaned Friday. I went last year, too. I had to ride in the awful car, but at least Mommy didn't even try to make me go in the carrier this time. But it was still horrible and I cried all the way there. Mommy couldn't stay with me, but the ladies at the vet are very nice. They put me to sleep, which is good. But when I woke up my teeth hurt so they gave me some medicine that made me feel funny. And sleepy. I got to sleep in a nice room. With other cats and dogs. Mommy and Daddy picked me up. The car ride wasn't so bad this time. And Mommy stayed with me in the bedroom for a couple hours. I layed on her and we took a short nap together all cuddled up.

She kept making fun of me, though!! She said that I looked like a pirate and on drugs or drunk. I couldn't help it if one eye wouldn't open all the way. Or that I was moving slow. Or funny. It was nice of her, though, to carry me downstairs to sit on the couch with her and Daddy. On the top of course. I didn't even mind when they let the dogs up with them, too. Carrying me down helps with not being chased.

I look and feel better today. The dogs go home Sunday morning. Then I get the house back to myself. Not just at night or when Mommy and daddy are gone and the dogs are in theor kennel or the kitchen.


That corgi :) said...

poor you Scout! It has been a rough week for you!! I'm sure you will remember this for a very long time and if you see those dogs coming to your house again, you'll go on strike and hide somewhere until they leave. But that was very nice of your mom/dad to share your house with other furry creatures so their family could have some fun.

I bet by now things are starting to settle down at your house and I hope today is a good Snuggle Break day!


Robyn :) said...

Scout says.. "Thank you, I am glad to have my house back. It is snowing today and I am curled up on my mommy's legs :)"