Monday, March 7, 2011

Seasonal Clothing Organization

Last week's challenge on

was decluttering our clothes. I did this in my closet and drawers a few weeks ago(during one of our myriad of snow days, no doubt), but had not gone through my cedar chest. I knew there was stuff in there to be purged, but was waiting until the Winter/Spring switch out. Then, Organizing With Sandy, had a winter clothing decluttering challenge. Perfect! I went ahead and cleaned out and reorganized the cedar chest.


Everything was pretty much in there haphazardly. My plan was to bring some order to it by categorizing the clothes. I was also keeping clothes that did not fit me, but I was hoping would fit me again, in there. I reluctantly purged those.

A bag and pair of pants for the Goodwill


This is how it breaks down --
Top row, left to right -- Holiday clothing, 2 baby blankets(in case babies visit) seasonal sports clothing(high school and college football, summer league baseball), light skirts for warmer weather, and pajamas.
Bottom row -- warm weather exercise clothes, shorts, capris, and more pajamas(and a robe underneath)

When Spring comes I will switch out pajamas and trade the capris and skirts for sweaters and sweatshirts. For the summer the shorts will trade places with my school t-shirts.

Our Build-An-Animal collection guards the chest(with a space in front of the window for my cat).

I also thought I would include a little history on the Cedar Chest. My mom and grandma got it from somewhere. It had been painted with a black laquer. Which apparently was the style back in the day. My mom decided she would strip it. She found the gorgeous wood underneath. The cedar chest was in my Grandma's room and held her treasures. When I moved to Florida, my mom let me take it with me. she also asked if i wanted my dad's, which was deeper, but just a plain wood. I declined because this one was so much nicer. I used to use it for old pictures and keepsakes, but found it works better for storing clothes(as it is made of cedar). this chest has been in a walk-in closet, a couple livingrooms, my craft room and finally our bedroom :)

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Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

Awesome job!
Feels great to free up space and help others at the same time doesn't it?
We have a very similar chest at the bottom of our bed that was my husband's.
Thanks for linking up to my Organizing Mission Monday!!