Friday, March 25, 2011

Storage Shed

I totally forgot about this project I did on Tuesday!! LOL This was my outside storage

I organized it once before.

Christmas storage on the right

The other holidays on the left.

Miscellaneous stuff dumped on the sides.

It was time to clean it out and straighten it up!! I took advantage of the nice weather(because it quickly turned cold the rest of the week)

I know it still looks a bit messy, but I do not have a lot of room to work with!! LOL. And it is organized.

I have motorcycle stuff in a box on the shelf, another box with some outside stuff, a waste basket with gardening supplies and a few other things on the shelf.
On the bottom is the box for our flat screen and in it I stuck our stadium seats and in front a chair that will go out on the lawn when it gets warmer.

The holiday boxes are organized in the order that they occur, rather by tub size. for instance, Valentine's Day and halloween are on the bottom while Easter and Birthday are on top. 4th of July and another Halloween in the middle.


On the far right is the stuff I will be using this year. Angels and blue stuff and the aluminum tree. I also managed to wrangle Frosty and Santa into a box LOL

This is the stuff that went into the house

I also filled a trash can and recycle bin.

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Kea said...

Thanks for commenting on our Fuzzy Tales blog. :-)

Our mom loves to de-clutter...trouble is, she usually donates something that she then wants 3 or 6 months later and has to go and get a new (or new-to-her) one of whatever it is. :-P

Congrats on all the hard work in the shed!

Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

Good job! We just got a shed and I'm so excited to get stuff out of our garage! I will be having several posts on the shed and the garage in the next few weeks (once the project is done). Hubby is going to put in the shelves and peg board etc. that I'm requesting for the shed... then the process can begin!
Thanks for linking this to my Organizing Mission Monday link party!!

That corgi :) said...

I think you did great with the space you had to work with and the things you wanted to store in the shed. It does look well organized with how you grouped the holiday things! Now the secret is to keep it this way, right :)