Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday Cooking -- Spaghetti, Scalloped Potatoes and Pad Thai

I got this week's cooking done in less than an hour!! Criminal Minds was coming on, you know LOL. If you want the recipes, let me know :)

First up was whole wheat spaghetti with mushroom garlic tomato sauce.

First I boiled my pasta water and started simmering the plain tomato sauce(from a can)and diced tomatoes(also from a can)

Sauteing the mushrooms, a spoonful of garlic, olive oil and some oregano.

While that was cooking I prepared the Scalloped Potatoes

You mix everything in a casserole dish

After that when into the oven I pulled out what I needed for Pad Thai

This is how I test my spaghetti

I saw that on Punky Brewster when I was a kid and have been doing it that was since I started cooking spaghetti :)

Drain the spaghetti

Then add it back to the pot

Add sauted mushroom mixture to sauce.

It makes a hearty sauce (later on I ended up adding another can of mushrooms and plain tomato sauce so there would be enough for later this week)

You can also add parmesan cheese if you like

While boiling the water for the pad thai noodles I threw in the frozen shrimp

Then added the noodles


Put into pan I used for the mushrooms(I wanted to take advantage of the oil and garlic that was still in there, plus have less dishes to wash) with sauce and stir fry for a few minutes.

When I serve this during the week I may add some veggies to it.

A little while later the potatoes were done :)

I put some of the food away for lunches and the rest for leftovers this week. Tomorrow we will go to IHOP to help support my school :)


Sasy said...

That's exactly how I test my spaghetti, too! :)

Do you freeze some of the meals or just refridgerate them? [I would be a little concerned to leave the shrimp in the fridge for more than a day.]

Robyn :) said...

We eat them up within the week. We will be having the shrimp tomorrow :)

Although, freezing the spaghetti sounds like a great idea!