Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walking and Bikes

On my first day of Spring Break I was really busy LOL!!

First of all, I got up rather early to go to Manhattan to walk 2 miles for "fun". I actually did have fun. I joined a few coworkers and one of them and I walked together the whole thing. One ran most of it and the others ran a little more than us. I ran a little at the beginning and again at the end.

I came in under 40 minutes :) I think that is the best I have ever walked that long in a long time!

Afterwards we came back home so I could shower and then headed out to Topeka. In a torrential downpour and thunderstorm.

First stop? Cupcake store of course!! they had my 2 favorite cupcake flavors(Death by Chocolate and I Love Lemon), plus another flavor I like in a preemie(Billy Vanilly) PLUS my favorite flavor of frosting shot (Peanut Butter Cup)!!! Then we headed over to the scrapbook store and I got a few things and earned my $20.00 off coupon. I am probably going to put it towards an album.

Then we went to the Capital City Bike Show at the Expo Centre. Normally it is $10.00, but since we are military we got in free!! The bikes were awesome AND we found out about some cool upcoming rides.

Me and Homer


Yep, this one was for me

Better than a hearse



My favorite

The fallen soldier bike is TJ's favorite

After the bike show we went to the Harley Shop then had dinner at El Mezcal. It was pretty goood, but the enchildas were not up to my standards. Still searching :) It seemed that everyone(including TJ) in our section was ordering fajitas!!

After dinner we went to the Dollar Tree(which was HUGE!!) and Dairy Queen/Orange Julius for peach and strawberry banana Juliuses. Then on home.

It was a very nice day and I loved spending all of it with my husband :)

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That corgi :) said...

good for you for doing that fun run!! always great to do exercise like that with friends!! that bike show looked great and I'm glad military got in free; we need to do more things like that to thank those who faithfully serve our country and protect our freedom!

yum on the cupcakes!! where we used to live (Murrieta), they had a great cupcake store, made cake ones and cheesecake ones, delicious!

sounds like you had a wonderful start to spring break; may the rest of the days be so good!