Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekly Challenges Completed

I am participating in this....

at Clean Mama

Week 3's Challenge(which was last week, but my break was this week so I'm late) was to pick 3 things you have avoided cleaning and clean them.

My 3 were
1. Tupperware cabinet
2. Bathtub
3. Kitchen Floor

I did do the Tupperware cabinet last week(read about it HERE), but saved the bathtub and kitchen floor for this week, while I was off work. I am warning you now, the before pictures may be a little disturbing. Just like(you know what's coming...)..... Criminal Minds episodes!!!! LOL

First up, bathtub!


Okay, most of this was due to the fact that it was not draining properly. After a bottle of Lquid Plummer I was able to wash away some of that nastiness with water. But this still remained..

I got the rust stain off with Shaklee DeGreaser

And the rest came off with the Scour Off paste

(that seemingly black smudge is a shadow)

I used the paste and degreaser on the rest of the tub and it looks nice. The best part was I did not have to wear gloves(although you should with the paste), there were no toxic fumes(it smelled like cherries) and I could sit in the bathtub while I cleaned.

The next day I went for the floors. Bathroom and Kitchen. The Kitchen was the big one.

I honestly have no idea how I let it get this way

TJ swept, then I used a new toy.

The Cedar Pro Mist. I learned about it from Toni at A Bowl Full of Lemons here I like this because you use your own cleaner and you can use their cleaning pads or any other kinds!! This is good as I still have Swiffer dry cloths. For the cleaner I used Basic H and water.

Now it's clean(er). And I bought a new mat as a reward ($5 at Walmart).

I did the bathroom floors as well(but did not take pictures)

Week 4 Challenge(this week's) was "choose one (or more) traditional spring cleaning tasks and find a spot in your home where you can add a touch of spring with some decorating". After discovering Ask Anna and her posts on Cleaning Your Dishwasher and Cleaning Your Washing Machine I chose those 2 tasks. No pictures, but they look great!! I also decorated my hutch

It is not anyone's birthday, the candle just went good with the blue melamine cups!!

I am not linking this one, but please check out the links I have throughout this post :)

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That corgi :) said...

the floor came out great!! lots of hard work you've done this week to meet your challenges! WTG!