Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Clothing Matters

I am getting a few things for summer and my trip and thought I would share.

This evening I ordered 2 shirts from LL Bean. When I was in Maine last summer I bought two shirts at the flagship store and I absolutely love them. The most comfortable T-shirts (next to Tommy Hilfiger) ever!! I believe they were the Carefree Unshrinkable Tee so I ordered 2 of those. 1 in Rose Pink and the other in True Blue (it was hard to choose just which shade of blue I wanted!!). I had wanted a red, but they were sold out. I also got an Acai juice stain on my white one and used the Shaklee Laundry Booster on it. That, along with the shirt being stain resistant, cleared that stain right up!!

I am also in the market for a new pair of slippers. My Avon Mickey Mouse ones are falling apart!! I am probably going to go with Dearfoams. I love them as they are super comfy(and durable). Not sure what style or color I want yet, though I am leaning towards the Fuzzy Terry Clog. Or the Terry Memory Foam Clog. Or the Everyday Terry Clog. I definitely want the terry material!! I am hoping to find then at the mall, but if not I will order from the website :)

I also need a new pair of slip on flats that I can wear without socks. My trusty Payless pair are starting to fall apart. I do have a camoflauge backless pair that are not completely comfy yet, but not bad either. Any recommendations? I checked out the Gap City Flats, but reviews said they were poor quality(but very comfy).

TJ is good with what he has, but if we visit any Harley Shops he will be getting T-shirts :)

I have everything else I need :)


That corgi :) said...

sounds like you made great choices for what you need for your trip!!


caspersmom said...

Sounds like you have great summer plans and you will need the new clothes for it I'm sure. No summer plans for us. Looks like you had a great Easter dinner. The cake was so cute.

We wanted to stop by and Thank you so much for the Sympathies for Patches. We do miss her.