Friday, April 15, 2011

Five on Friday 3

More blogs for your reading pleasure :)

1. Flowers and More. Ginger lives in Brazil/Brasil(I like it spelled with an S better!) and is a photographer :) I found her when I used to participate in weekly photo shootout blog. She still participates and takes beautiful pictures. I like reading about her life in Brasil as well.

2. i hate greenbeans. This blog was recommended to me by another blogger. I had posted about The Bachelor and was told about this fantastic website that featured Bachelor recaps. Humorous, hilarious Bachelor recaps!! So funny!! She also blogs about other things such as Cute Boys and Dr. Pepper. Very witty. Even if you don't like the Bachelor, I bet you find this blog amusing! Maybe even more so LOL

3. Just a Day In The Life of This Mommy. I found this one through another blog, but have no idea which one!! LOL. Story of my blog reading life!! Anyway, Erin is the author of this one. She writes about her family and her love of all things Shaklee. She was one of the people who really motivated me to join. She has great posts on how the products work as well as their benefits. Just a wealth of information :) She is also a midwest gal, like me :) (okay, I am a trnsplanted midwest gal, but still!).

4. Just Make Stuff. This blog is written by Nora in Southern California. She is very crafty. She scrapbooks and makes cards and sells cardkits. She has a really awesome craftroom. She also shares stories about her family and school. I find a lot of crafting inspiration from her blog. I found her through another crafty blog :) Just not sure which one exactly. She is also a phenomenol party planner.

5. Learning Along The Way This one is by Jessica. I believe I found her through the photo shootout blog as well. She is a fantastic photographer, as well as writer. She is also quite busy so she does not post often, but when she does it is always interesting :) She also has some of the cutest pets ever!!

So those are my 5 for this week. For more check out the side.

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