Friday, April 22, 2011

Five on Friday 4

More blogs for you to check out.....

1. GUBLERSOUP. This is one of only 2 Tumbler accounts I follow. Written by the magnificent Matthew Gray Gubler, the former cutest Tommy Hilfiger model ever, who now plays the adorably cute genius Dr. Reid on Criminal Minds :) He's quite an interesting character himself. On his blog you can find his randon quirky thoughts, fun links, occasional videos(including his hypnotism of a chicken) and artwork. Yep, he is quite a talented artist as well. Very fun blog to read. Very interesting guy.

2. More Than Words. This one was brought to my attention by my friend of almost 25 years, Kim. Jennifer W. writes about life with her husband and three daughters, two of whom suffer from bipolar disorder. They are children. She does an excellenmt job of bringing awareness to this issue. She is extremely candid and provides a lot of information. She has her own serious health issues, but rarely talks about them. I highly recommend this one.

3. My Favorite Things. Another one of those blogs I found through another one, but don't know which!! This one is written by Dawn and focuses mainly on her handmade cards, although she does share other projects and interests like book and movie recommendations. She also shares about her home and family. Dawn has had many of her cards featured in card and papercrafting magazines. She is extremely talented. She is also a fellow Kansan (she actually lives in the area I will be visiting this weekend). Very fun blog.

4. Organize and Decorate Everything I think I found this one through another blog as well. Leanne(I previously put the wrong name!) is in the mist of purging clutter in her home and is up to over 1000 items!! She either puts them aside for an upcoming garage sale, donates them, or throws it out. And she shares the progress with her readers :) Every other Wednesday she hosts a link party for organizing and decorating. She shares decorating and organizing tips herself and hosts some really great giveaways. I find her blog bery inspiring and helpful.

5. Organize With Sandy Guess what this one's about??? LOL. Sandy shares great organizing ideas and hosts a link party every Monday. She has even featured me a couple times :) She also has weekly challenges or topical challenges(like the kitchen) that she also does at the same time. I have participated in a couple. If you need help getting organized or need some motivation this is a great blog.

So there is this week's five :) For more read my previous Five on Fridays OR click on any of the links on my side bar OR check out my blogroll :)


Jennifer said...

oooh I haven't heard of some of these! I'm an organizational junkie =) It kills me that we're moving and I can't really set up the house i'm in anymore! I am desperate for my new home to start exploring and organizing! hehe! thanks for the website tips! <3

ooh! So my email is being batty so i'll chat with ya on here! Amazing Grass has a website at ( and you can buy online though them or find a natural food store like Whole Foods or local Co-Ops and natural Food stores and such to purchase it too! I think I might actually start working for them (i'm so obsessed with their products, why not, right?) b/c I wanted to fund self-hosting for my blog and with all the moving through flight school and stationing- no job has been possible! So let me know if you want to try the pom-mango or any other flavor of superfood or the amazing meal protein! <3

annnd now i'm rambling! longest. comment. ever!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend! ooh and a great easter if you celebrate! <3


Robyn :) said...

Thanks, Jennifer!! I am going to Whole Foods tomnorrow :)