Monday, April 4, 2011

Freezer Organization

Remember this???

It got worse (sort of)

So I decided it was time to organize.

I got a couple supplies

And got to work.

I cleaned everything out


Cleaned it with some Shaklee Basic H (or degreaser if it was a tough stain)

All the stuff on the counter

Basket for icecream

Basket for breakfast foods

Veggie basket

Meat, poultry and fish box

(in a repurposed Schwan's ice cream box!!)

I had forgotten to put the pancakes in the breakfast basket!!

First look

Baking soda and bread on top, ice cream, french fries, soup and water on the bottom

Ice, protein, box of cookie dough, breakfast basket on top, veggie basket, fruit and frozen meals on the bottom.

This is what the outside of my fridge looks like.

I like to display kiddo artwork plus picture cards we get at Christmas along with my magnet collection and a few other things.

What I purged

I could not identify what was in the containers(after they thawed I found they were mushroom soup and a stew). The Boca Burgers made me sick last time I had them. I never use the flower cubes.

I had to reprganize the freezer again because the icecream basket was preventing the door from closing properly

I moved the fruit back to the door

I also bought some frozen pizzas

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Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

That looks great. Darn that ice cream basket! I loved that idea of the thin basket in the door.
I also got the size smaller basket for my refrigerator organizing. It would close, but you had to be careful to get it ALL they way back in... and with the kids we didn't want to take the chance.
Great job!
Thanks for linking to my Organizing Mission link party!

That corgi :) said...

you did good!! Your freezer looks like a big one to get all that in there!! LOL with not knowing what was in the containers (I've done that too, forgetting what I froze!!) Big difference using the baskets like that!