Friday, April 8, 2011

Garden Plans

Yesterday I talked about the surprise violets I found in my garden and the pansies I planted. Today I would like to talk about the plans I have for my garden. Or gardens.

In front of my house I have a flower garden. I have already planted the pansies in one area. And there are patches of violets :) In a couple of weeks I will be planting seeds I got for free from Marion County -- a butterfly garden mix, forget me nots, cosmos, and purple coneflower. Our housing office will also have free flowers(usually begonias and impatiens) to plant. And bags of mulch (and grass seed).

First I need to clear the flower beds of dried leaves (I am going to break them down for a mulch and save some for a compost heap), then remove some weeds and dead plants from last year. I also need to trim my rosebush.

I also have a couple containers I want to try vegetables in. I am going to try red peppers and maybe cucumbers. Or green beans. I have a hanging thing to try tomatoes. I may also try some strawberries.

I am also very interested in composting. I am hoping housing won't mind if I start an open one in my backyard. I will contain it with a wood-like fence. I want it right off my back porch so I can just go out and dump my peelings and egg shells and dryer lint and such on it. If they do not let me have an open one I will do one in a trash can or storage tub.

So that is my preliminary plan. Who else is starting a garden? Composting? Any tips?

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That corgi :) said...

I remember my mom composting things years ago, like you said, egg shells, peels from oranges, etc. I also remember how rich that soil became over time!! Good luck with that project plus your planting of the veggies and flowers!! The veggies always seem to taste so much better when grown at home! No plans for garden this year, but maybe next year if we get things organized :)