Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Good Enough For Them

So, back in January and February I told you about my husband being non-deployable and barred from re-enlistment from his former leadership in his previous company.

Well, guess what? His current leadership in his currrent company has told him they are lifting that bar.

Also, not sure I have mentioned it or not, but my husband was also asked to be the Guidon Bearer for his company(the Guidon is the company's flag). He holds it at formation. He is also carries the cased(in a sleeve) battalion colors for ceremonies while the battalion is deployed.

He was a driver(for the luggage) when the general of the army visited here. he got to meet the general, received a coin(a big deal) and was allowed to go on and view the private jet.

And now, as of today, my husband has been assigned to the DIVISION Colorguard.

Not bad for someone who supposedly was not even good enough to stay in the army.

To put it another way...they took a dedicated and competent soldier who was even willing to extend his contract past his ETS date if he didn't want to re-enlist to be deployed and stay with his guys (guys who trusted him and knew he would have their backs) and basically tried to tear him down. Instead he ended up with BETTER leadership, BETTER opportunities, and he didn't have to deploy(though he really wants to. This is more of an advantage to me!).

So let me ask you? Who really came out ahead in this case?

Thanks former leadership!

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That corgi :) said...

I'm glad it worked out Robyn. I don't understand enough about how anything in the military works on what they do and why they choose to do it, but it seems if you have a hard working good person like your husband appears to be, they should welcome his abilities and do their best to keep him with them. But again, what do I know?