Friday, April 8, 2011

Half Wits

Well, there are only 3 1/2 hours until this government shutdown debacle, but we in the military have already seen what we can look forward to.

Half Pay.

Not sure who started checking the LES's but word spread pretty fast and we all went online to discover that in our mid month paycheck we would only be getting paid half of what we earned. As a result, they have now taken the LES's down so people can't see them.

An LES is a Leave and Earnings Statement. Like a pay stub, but more involved.

This just doesn't affect the military, though. It's just that we are the ones first seeing the effects of the shutdown. Other government workers will probably see the same thing eventually. And then they will be expressing their outrage.

This also affects many businesses and services. Because those of us who are only getting half or no pay are not going to be spending money on anything except the absolute necessities.

Also, it is my sincere belief if McCain was our president he would NEVER have allowed this to happen, especially to our military.

I did not like George Bush, did not respect him anymore and wanted him gone, but I believe that even he would not have allowed this to happen.

So you can probably imagine what I think of our current president. And congress.

Also, with most jobs, if you are not being paid or half paid you can quit or go on strike. Do that in the military and it is what is called AWOL and you can go to jail. So we basically have no control or choice in this situation. Yet we are fighting to defend this government and the choice they have made for us. Does this sound crazy to anyone else?

Who else has been affected or think they will be affected by this shut down? What would you do if your job decided to half pay you for a time?


Kim said...

Now I do think that we need to control our spending, but to give military half pay? That's WRONG.

That corgi :) said...

I am glad they avoided the shut down, HOWEVER regardless the military SHOULD always be paid no matter what. We need to be so grateful to those who are willing to serve our government to protect our freedom and the sacrifices they/their families make.


Robyn :) said...

Thanks guys :)