Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Baaaaaackkkk!!

No, not Psycho Squiggy Urkel Jack Cat!!(yeah, still working on a name).


Good as new. And not a moment too soon as I am going to the zoo on Friday, Overland Park on Saturday and Sunday is Easter. Definitely a lot of photo ops!!

I had to use it right away this evening, though. I wanted to get some good shots of Scout but he was more concerned with what was happening outside than posing so this is all I got...

Great profile shots and wouldn't you know that the one with his face is blurry and also includes our garbage bin!!

I also took pictures of my violets.

My friend, Laurie, says they are River Violets and that I most likely picked up their seeds while walking on the River Walk last summer and then when i walked in my yard they came off my shoe. And spread :) She also says that my Pansies will die when it gets warm because they are cool weather flowers. D'oh! I bought then to withstand anymore cold weather but expected them to last through the summer!! Oh well, I'll plant something else there.

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That corgi :) said...

interesting about the violets! I hope they grow really well!! so glad you got your camera back!