Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mall Finds

TJ and I went to the mall last night. I was looking for slippers.

I found a pair at JC Penney's. Isotoners. These. They were more comfy than the Dearfoams.

I also went to the GAP to check out those City Flats. Well, guess what? I fell in love with them!!! I found a beige shade that I absolutely adore. And the best part? I wear a 6 1/2!!! I feel like I have grown up feet!! (I wear 5-5 1/2 at Payless and most places). The downfall? They do not come in wide. My feet, though small, are wide. And the sole of the shoe was narrow :( Probably not worth spending $40.00 on. On the website they have purple ones for $20.00 though! And silver ones $18.00. But I want those beige ones. I may get them. Maybe I will order the silver ones and if they turn out to be comfortable I will go ahead and get the beige ones, too :)

I just totally ordered the silver ones.

I found some other things I wanted. At Hot Topic. First was a shirt that says Duh, Winning. LOL Second was Pirate Hello Kitty stuff. I sometimes call Scout my Pirate Kitty because of when he has eye issues and one is half closed. Third was a key chain that had Brainy Smurf and said "I Love Nerds". Except it would be better if it had Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks. For sooooo many reasons LOL.

What stores do you like to visit at the mall?

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That corgi :) said...

those flats look cute! I'm glad you decided to order the silver ones. I like the slippers too.

I don't go to the mall much; not a shopper, usually the bookstore if we do go, like to browse the books :)

enjoy the weekend!