Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Cooking

This is from last Monday. I had one meal left to prepare from The SkinnyGirl Dish that could not be done ahead of time and something else I found in the Pioneer Woman Cookbook.

First up we have French Puffs from PW.

The coating

I substituted some more natural/healthier ingredients than what she had and they came out yummy.

I had leftover coating so I combined the butter and sugar/cinnamon mixture

and put it in a tupperware to use in oatmeal.

One thing I did not substitute was the butter as I was not sure how to convert the amount I need from a stick to what I get out of a tub. Now that I know it was just for melting next time I will use my Earth Balance.

I also made sundried tomato, arugula and mozzarella paninis from SkinnyGirl.

They were tasty, but a bit high maintenance to make. I burned one side of the first one.

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That corgi :) said...

Yum on the French Puffs!! I bet they tasted delicious!! Thye paninis sound good too, right combination with the tomato, argula and mozarella!!!