Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More Shaklee Goodness

I placed another order with Shaklee last month. Although there is no monthly requirement, I am trying to order monthly to build up my supply :) This order was for kitchen and laundry goodies.

I got dishwashing and dishwasher soap, hand soap, dispensers, laundry detergent and a booster/stain remover.

The dishwashing and dishwasher soap are really nice. I got a dispenser for the dishwasher soap as well, which was helpful. It also came with a small scoop, which I was thrilled about!!

The hand soap feels really nice. However, I do not like the dispenser it came with. So, I am going to look for a decorative dispense to use in the pink bathroom and use the included one(the pump does not face right on it) in the upstairs bathroom.

Now, about the laundry soap. It is nice. It works well. It smells okay. However....it does not smell anywhere near as good as Gain. So now I have a choice to make. Spend extra to get the great smelling(yet possibly toxic) Gain. Or stick with Shaklee? Hmmm.

I also got a stain remover/booster. I have not used it yet so cannot tell you if it is good or not but other people sing it's praises :)

What kinds of kitchen, laundry and hand soaps do you use?

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That corgi :) said...

I did hear Shaklee has good products. I'd go with the Shaklee brand for everything even though it might not smell as good as the Gain, just my thought.

We use generic whatever is on sale, and probably bad for the environment.....