Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh, the Drama!!

These cats are nuts!!

So, last night, Scout spent some more time getting to know his new friend. Things got a little crazy. I let Scout off his leash to play more freely with his new friend (whom I am now calling Psycho Cat), but they ended up running across the street to play under those cars and on that porch.

Scout's other little friend came by, too (Hobo Cat's friend), but Psycho cat did not like that and hissed at him.

I gave all the kitties treats (well, Hobo Cat's friend was hiding under the car so I hope he got the ones I threw under there). Psycho cat went crazy over them and was snuffing like a pig!! I think he is well fed because he doesn't look skinny. I tried feeling his tummy and he bit me!! Not hard enough to break the skin, thank goodness!! And he hissed.

Scout pretty much tolerated Psycho cat, but did not like that he was being mean to the other cat and he let Psycho cat know. I decided at that point that Scout needed to come in and the other cats needed to go home. Well, of course Psycho Cat was not down with that as he cried and cried and looked in the door. He even tried to come in!! We finally shut the regular door, too.

Can you tell why I call him Psycho cat? He seriously has some attachment issues LOL!!

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That corgi :) said...

Psycho Cat perhaps doesn't have lots of interaction with his people and he misses that so that's why he comes to see who he can find to interact with and found Scout?? Do be careful with getting a cat bite; I know this didn't didn't break the skin, but I've typed a few reports where cat bites have gotten super infected, so do be careful!!!!!!