Thursday, April 21, 2011

Squiggy Jack, When Are You Coming Back?

So, I decided on a name for our visiting cat friend formerly known as Psycho Kitty.

Squiggy Jack. After Sguiggy from Laverne and Shirley and Jack from Will and Grace.

Unfortunately, Squiggy Jack has not been around for 2 days.

I suspect his owners have decided to keep him since he was not coming home, but hanging out here. Or Animal Control came through, noticed he did not have a collar and took him in!! We kinda miss him.

Tomorow I will be with a bunch of other animals at the zoo. Looking at the animals at the zoo. HAHAHAHHAHA.

Seriously, though, we are taking our 4th graders to the zoo for a field trip. I will have pictures of the animals, but not the kiddos. And maybe myself.

What is/are your favorite animal? Mine are cats. Domestic and wild.


That corgi :) said...

I look his name! hope he does come back!!

have fun with the field trip! those are always fun!


Jennifer said...

My hubs goes for the lil cats and big cats as well. He's the one that made me realize i'm not allergic to all cats! Which is a good thing b/c when I married him, he came with a fluffy orange tabby-persian mix that sheds apleanty! but my nose is ok!!! hooray!

fav zoo animals are the elephants, penguins (when they have em!) annnd... hmm..ok all of them! I worked with animals before I went into art/nutrition. love them all!