Monday, April 25, 2011

Summer Plans

With only 4 weeks left of Work/School (and 2 of those are only 4 day work weeks!!) it is time to start thinking about summer plans. It is going to be a busy one, I think.

First of all, TJ has decided not to re-enlist in the army. Which means we will have to MOVE. Right now the plan is to move into town, but if he finds a job out of state then we will move out of state!! Or to another city if the commute is too far. In any case, I do not think this will be a government move (as we are LEAVING the army) so that means I actually have to pack for this one(as opposed to movers packing us. Unless I want to pay for that. No thanks). So I will be packing this summer. A little bit at a time.

I am also planning to start and stick to an exercise regimen. A mixture of walking, swimming and gym. Maybe some Tae Bo. And yoga.

I have special plans for cooking as well, which I will share in a different post. And I may try a smoothie challenge or two.

I also plan to scrapbook and card-make regularly with my friend, Amanda.

And I plan to take a few day trips to places in Kansas.

Then there is the BIG thing. Our 5th Anniversary Trip to.......Florida!! Yes, we decided that a trip "home" was in order. Actually, TJ went for 2 weeks last summer(because we thought he was deploying!!), but I haven't been back in 4 years. The other reason for going is that TJ's brother is graduating from high school. So it worked out. I have found a great deal on Travelocity for Air, Hotel and Car. We will be there a week and 2 days. There are 3 things I want us to do. Go to the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs, visit Clearwater Beach(including Robert's Christmas Wonderland), and go to Busch Gardens. TJ and I can get in for free and we are going to offer to take his brother as a graduation gift :) Other things I would like us to try to do are go down to Mixon Fruit Farms, spend the day in St. Petersberg with TJ's dad and go up to Dade City. I am also hoping we make it to Parksdale Farms one day. I know that TJ wants to visit the Harley Shops :) Hopefully I can find a few more we didn't visit before :) The food places we MUST eat at are Tokai Sushi, NY Times pizza, Hungry Howies and Frenchy's Rockaway Grill. Most likely we will also go to Sweet Tomatoes :) And my aunt and uncle are going to take us out one night :)

Anyone else have summer plans yet?

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That corgi :) said...

you have great summer plans! That trip to Florida sounds great and seeing family and doing "touristy" things is always fun!!

Gosh I know what you mean about having someone pack for you versus having to pack for yourself. When hubby changed jobs a few times and we got moving allowances, always a dream for them to pack us up! You are wise to do a bit at a time and then it won't be so overwhelming when you actually have to move. Lots of fun challenging times ahead as you guys figure out where you will end up being for work.

summer plans, none yet really, my sister/family is coming out for a visit middle of June; haven't seen them in six years so taking a few days off of work around that time to spend with them. Otherwise, probably not much. We are on a tight budget so no big vacation plans, just want we can do around town as we can :)