Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday Cooking -- Easter Edition

The eggs were boiled on Friday and Saturday(and wrapped) and the cake started on Saturday.

It is a tradition in our family to make a lamb cake at Easter(not every Easter, but at Easter). My Aunt Norine refused to eat it because she hated when we picked off the eyes(raisins) and nose(cherry half). I don't use those things. I usually use jelly beans but this year I am changing it up.

Here are the ingredients

Putting them together

Greased up. This part is super important. You don't want the cake sticking because then you get a messed up lamb.

I usually forget this part so this time I overcompensated.

Filled up, but not to the rim!!

And ready to go!!

In the oven

I tried making a small cake with the leftover batter, but it didn't come out right. The lamb did, though.

Despite a gash in the front

Time to decorate him!!


Scalloped potatoes




and watermelon

The lamb had a mishap with some falling dessert plates

Note: Corelle dishes can and do break under the right circumstances ie falling out of a cabinetand hitting the counter and sink.

Then, of course, we ate him and this is what we left

Oh, and guess who came back to visit his best pal for Easter ????

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That corgi :) said...

Okay, I am so coming to your house next year for Easter! This was the most yummiest of blogs to read and I thought I was full after our dinner. I remember my sister making a lamb cake years ago when she was into cake decorating; yours looks great! Bet it did taste great too! That ham looks so good! Growing up we always had ham on Easter morn; brought back great memories! I love those Hawian rolls. I've been known to eat several (more than four) at a meal! And who can resist scalloped potatoes with ham? Like I said, set an extra plate next year (two if you count Koda :)

Glad it was a good day for you!