Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Cooking -- Seafood Pasta Dishes

Again no pictures but let's link! Both recipes were made from The Pioneer Woman Cookbook

Okay, first was Linguine in Clam Sauce

And she doesn't have that on her website. Oops!! Sorry. Well, I used whole wheat linguine, white cooking wine, baby clams, heavy cream, parsley, earth balance butter, olive oil, garlic and.....that's it. If you want I can post the whole recipe :)

Next was Penne ala Betsey
I used whole wheat penne, but recommend the regular stuff. Whole wheat pasta is ok for your noodles like spaghetti and linguine, but for the shaped pasta it tastes a little rough. I used Earth Balance for the butter and white COOKING wine. I also used dried parsley.

If you want to get crazy, make them both then mix them together!!

Earlier this week I made her Ribeye Steak in Whiskey Cream Sauce (no link), but did not use whiskey. Remember, I am a Mormon and even if I were to buy it for cooking this, what else could I do with it? As far as I could tell, there is no cooking version of whiskey as there is for wine. And it was a good amount to be asking to borrow! So I used malt vinegar instead. I was thinking whiskey had malt, but maybe that is Scotch? In any case it came out good. But i guess I should call it Steak in Malt Vinegar Sauce!

Check back later for an update after I make Orange Marmalade Muffins (I think that is the same recipe)


That corgi :) said...

It is always neat to read about the new recipes you try; they all sound delicious!! I've never used whole wheat for any of our pastas, will have to try that sometime but remember your advice about the shaped pasta.

Not that I would promote you doing this, but wonder if you could go to a store where they might have those small airplane size types of whiskeys and such and would that be enough for that recipe? But clever in your substituting!!


Robyn :) said...

Doh!!! I totally could have done that Betty!! We have stores on post with those. I will have to keep that in mind for next time :)