Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sweet Sunday

I started the day by gettng up early and taking a shower. Then I got ready for church. Since our only means of transportaion was the bike (and we needed to take it anyway for a ride) I had to wear long pants(army rules). So I wore jeans and took a skirt with me (women wear skirts or dresses to church normally).

We got to church fairly early because there is certain place I like to sit. Plus I had to change when we got there. Anyway, we were sustained in our callings today. Sustaining is when they announce that someone has received a calling (in our case it was ward missionaries) and the congregation sustains (or approves) by raising their right hands. That's it. After church we were set apart, which means we receive a blessing in regards to our calling.

Before church the ward mission leader introduced TJ to someone investigating the church. When she came in I went over to introduce myself and she recognized me. You know from where? Right here!!!! She reads my blog!! That is the very first time I have ever been recognized in public from this blog. I was just tickled. I am looking forward to get to know her better as well.

After church and getting set apart we headed over to the Methodist church for a bike blessing ride. Pastor Van is a former motorcycle rider(he quit riding after his dear friend was killed last year) and has been doing the bike blessing for the past few years. This was our first time attending. I also work with Pastor Van's wife. After the blessing we went on a very windy ride to White City and back. This was my first group ride of the season :) One rider went down. He was not hurt, just shaken up and his bike was quite banged up.

After we got home I started a load of laundry and cleared some leaves and weeds from my garden. Now I am watching two of my favorite Criminal Minds episodes.

I will be doing my cooking for the week tomorrow afternoon. I only have to go into work for 3 hours in the morning to attend a meeting to complete my inservice hours. I am hoping we can get TJ's camera charged(we found the usb cord, but I don't know if it will charge through the computer). If not I will try to have some links to the recipes I am making.

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That corgi :) said...

how cool to meet someone in real life who reads your blog!! glad all went well with the sustaining and best wishes for much success in your calling as ward missionaries!!

I bet the ride was fun except for the wind; that could get a bit tedious I would imagine!