Friday, April 15, 2011

Toe-pee-kah !!!

Being that I spent 27 years living in the suburbs of Los Angeles and another 3 near Tampa, Florida, i never really understood or appreciated the concept of "going to the Big City". After moving to Kansas I learned really quickly!

Not that Junction City is all that small. I mean, it has a Walmart!! And fast food places. And restuarants. Abilene which is only 20 miles away has some stuff, too and Manhattan in the other directions has a mall AND Hobby Lobby and an Olive Garden.

But Topeka is where it is at!!! Not the biggest city in Kansas(I think that is Wichita), but it is the Capital. And it has lots of other things. Like a scrapbooking store. A camera shop. Michael's. Barnes and Nobles. And the cupcake shop!!!! All places I will be visiting tomorrow :)

My main reason for going is a scrapbook crop. But I take advantage of some other things the city has to offer while I am there :)

Also, I will be taking Little Blue and Mini Blue(my IPOD). I may do a blog from the crop. With pictures since Little Blue has a webcam :)

What is the closest "big" city to you?

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That corgi :) said...

LOL, I live in Southern California.....considering I live in the second biggest city in San Diego country, it is probably San Diego proper that is the biggest city. But I do know what you are talking about because when we lived in Montana, although we lived in the biggest city (Billings) it was still smaller than any city we lived in when we lived in California. I used to think "oh, I can't find this or that here so I'll go there to find it" only to realize "there" wasn't available in the city. It was always a treat to come back to So. Calif on vacation where we would actually take a day to shop to get some things we couldn't get there in Montana.

Enjoy your visit to "city"!!!