Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Try Try Again

Okay, I am going to try once again to give up caffeine. At least in soda form( I will still take my Exedrin).

And I am going to give up Coke. The drink, not the drug. Not that I take the drug! But anyway, I heard the horror stories in one of the classes yesterday of just what Coke can do regarding rust. It is not good. Well, it is for the rust, but to also put that in my body?? No thank you.

I am going to give up a lot of other sodas, too. Ones with questionable ingredients. And high fructose corn syrup. That stuff is not good either. I am going to be checking out Blue Sky(or is it Big Sky) sodas and Hansen's. They're a little more pricey, BUT if I can recognize all the ingredients then it will be worth it. Of course, I will also be drinking club soda. And water -- lots of water.

I am also trying to start exercising daily. Yesterday I walked/ran up our street and then down the next one over. I plan to keep increasing my distance so eventually I can walk up to and on the 2 mile trail north of our house. And down on the Riverwalk. On rainy days I can go to the gym.

I have a category on my iPod for Exercise Music, but these 2 songs are what motivate me most to run

This is the closest version to what I have. Mine comes from The Hit Crew on Drew's Party Music CD


This one also inspired me to speed walk up a hill :)

Okay, so let's see if I can actually stay committed this time.

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That corgi :) said...

You can do it!! Just be consistent with your walking and you'll build up speed, distance, and endurance!! I've given up caffeine before and then silly me I start drinking it again, but it can be done!! I used to like a Diet coke/pepsi in the afternoons around 3 o'clock, after we moved, I just decided to give up that habit and stop drinking soda. Other than one time when we went out to dinner, I haven't had a soda in close to three months, so it can be done!! Good luck and looking forward to hearing your progress!