Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

I did not blog from or take pictures at the crop yesterday. Little Blue never made it inside, nor did Mini Blue (I forgot his ear buds!).

Anyway, Friday night I had bad cramps (guess that anxiety earlier this week was PMS induced!) so I took a muscle relaxer that just knocked me all the way out! After ordering our usual Friday night pizza :)

On Saturday I got up early and it was FREEZING. I got out to Topeka around 8 and went to McD's for a shake and oatmeal then stopped by Wolfe's Camera to drop off 3 VHS tapes of home movies (previously converted from reels) to be converted to DVD. I am super excited to have found a place out here that does that!! I used to have my mom do it for me in Whittier. They do the reels, too. The people there are super nice, too.

Next I went to the Farmer's Market. I did not make it through the whole thing as it was FREEZING. I did manage to get some California strawberries, homemade bread, a pear tomato plant, apple cider and sugar free peach pie slice.

Next it was off to the crop! After getting settled in I left to run errands! LOL I went to Starbucks to get a Passion Herbal Iced Tea, then Barnes and Noble to ask question about the Nook, then Michael's where I found NOTHING! Next was Scrapbooks Etc and then the cupcake shop!! I also got some Wendy's for lunch.

Went back tot he crop and discovered I had gotten a coupon I forgot to take to Scrapbooks Etc, plus I needed a couple more things so I went BACK LOL. It was just up the road. finally I got back and settled into scrapbooking. I got several pages done.

The weather turned warmer so TJ road out on the motorcycle and we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Oh my, I love that place now! before they seat you they grab you a basket of hot rolls and SWEET butter! You also get peanuts. The servers line dance periodically. I had prime rib and it was fantastic. We saw lots of kids in their prom attire (so glad that colors and poufy dresses are making a comback!).

Back at the crop I won (well chose when they called my name) an Iroc heat setting tool and bling :)

One problem I was having all day was tiredness. I still had cramps so I had to take an 800 mg ibruprofen which kept me down. I tried to offset it with a soda, but at dinner I broke down and had a Red Bull and needed another one from the hotel bar before heading home.

On the way home I saw a bunch of farms being burned. Conditions must have been prime last night. Most were near the highway. One farm was very large and the burning was just beautiful, yet scary!! These are controlled burns, mind you, to help with new growth and clear the old which is a fire hazard for prairie fires. I think the smoke messed up my throat this morning, though.

I took half a muscle relaxer last night to selp with aches from sitting so long and cramps. I got up okay for church this morning, but we only stayed through 2 sessions because TJ was hurting. I will talk about church more in another post.

When I came home I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, then made my meals. Then I took a long nap and here I am!!

On the agenda for this evening is laundry and TV :)

Back to work tomorrow!!

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That corgi :) said...

I like your breakfast of a shake and oatmeal! I haven't tried McDonald's oatmeal yet, I'm assuming it was good??

sounds like a good day at the crop and the chance to go to the Farmer's Market. Hang in there, we had a few warm days, maybe the front is heading your way and your weather will continue to get warmer.

I like Texas Roadhouse. They don't have one here but had one when we lived in Montana. Those rolls are so delicious and I end up eating so many peanuts, I'm never hungry when the food gets there. But I have had prime rib from there before and it is absolutely delicious!!

I think I would have been fascinated with the farms burning too.

sounds like a good way to wind down the weekend with laundry and TV.