Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Change of Command Ceremony

Today I was able to attend the Change of Command Ceremony for Major General Brooks and Major General Mayfield. Although not as exciting as when Major Brooks was coming in (go HERE to see what happened at that ceremony. Or you may catch it on America's Dumbest Daredevils), it was a very nice ceremony AND TJ carried the cased battalion colors for 1st Brigade, 2nd Battalion.

Before the ceremony. TJ is the second cased flag in.

There is an incredibly tall guy (Capt Brown) standing in front of TJ. It made it really easy to know where TJ was at all times LOL.

Other Brigades

I love this banner

Closeup of 1st Brigade. TJ is the second cased flag from my left(his right). He is behind the Incredibly Tall Guy, aka Captain Brown

Museum clock

Horse and rider bringing flowers for the Generals' wives

Start of ceremony(yes the action was to my right, obscured from where I was sitting)

Presenting the incoming General's wife with yellow flowers

Can't really see, but the outgoing General's wife is presenting the horse with a basket of carrots

Firing Old Thunder(official start of the ceremony)

Army band (free of worry of a wayward parachutist LOL)

Official Party and Inspection of Troops

Colors Center March

Change of Command

Colors passed to outgoing commander

Colors passed to intermmediary

Colors passed to incoming Commander

Colors passed back to color bearer

Patch of blue sky

We were fortunate that the heavy rain held off till the afternoon so that the ceremony could be held outside. Inside it is not grand like this at all.

Back to their places

Pass In Review

Remember, TJ is the 2nd (cased) flag from the left, behind Incredibly Tall Guy

Another Brigade. This is what the colors look like when they are not cased.

Our nation's colors

Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard

I was quite dissapointed that they were not allowed to do a Calvary Charge (General Brooks would not ok it because of how wet the precious grass was).

Can you tell where the soldiers were marching?

Marching soldiers -- OK. Charging horses -- Not OK.

And that was it!

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That corgi :) said...

very impressive ceremony! I can imagine it was more impressive in person!! I think I would have had tears in my eyes through most of it!