Monday, May 23, 2011

First Day of Summer Vacay(and a late night visitor)

My first day of Summer Vacation has gone pretty well. I was able to sleep past nine, then went out to run errands. I went to the bank, the PX, the Commissary and ITR(on post ticketing office). Since I had a lot of vegetables the checker made a comment about how healthy my purchases were LOL. I told her I try, but did she see the dark chocolate bar I got, too?

After I got home I worked on picking up the livingroom and cleaning the kitchen a bit, including dishes. I got done all that I wanted. I had also planned on cleaning in the bedroom this evening, but TJ had other plans. Somehow his computer contracted a virus and it needed to go to Best Buy to get fixed. Or turned in to get fixed. Then we had dinner at Smashburger, dessert at Orange Leaf and I bought some hangers with a coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond and got the rest of my groceries at HyVee. Then we went to Hastings and I sold them some DVD's and I bought discount books.

Since TJ had a long day and will have another tomorrow he decided to go to bed as soon as we got home so I did not have a chance to work on the bedroom. Hopefully tomorrow. I am also planning on paying bills and working on some probate stuff tomorrow. They are also warning of very severe weather and most likely tornadoes so I am quite a bit apprehensive. We'll see what happens.

Late last night we had a visitor!!

Squiggy Jack showed up after 10 and since TJ was in bed, Scout and I decided to let the Squigster in.

He had fun exploring

And treated himself to a little snack

Then it was time to go.

Goodnight Squiggy Jack

Or stay and take a bath

And relax

I did end up letting Scout back out and I went out too to hang with them.

Since I went grocery shopping today and cleaned up my kitchen, I plan to start on my Summer Cooking tomorrow. Probably breakfast and/or an appetizer. Look for it!

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That corgi :) said...

what a very cute visitor!! sounds like it was a good day and you did get a lot done!!