Friday, May 6, 2011

Five on Friday 6

I am back with some more blog recommendations for you :)

1. The Kronicles of Kim. This is written by my friend of over 20 years, Kim. I met her in junior high through her then best friend who sat next to me in computer class. Kim writes about her life and it is very interesting :) She is a strong Christian woman and also a freelance writer who has an online column about her community. Go check her out and tell her I sent you!!

2. The Peterson's Go Public. Jennifer is a fellow Mormon who writes about her life as a single mom, student, writer, designer and all around awesome person :) Her posts are very insightful, inspiring and entertaining. I found her through another blog, but as usual I have no idea which one.

3. The Vegan Bees. This one is by my friend and co-worker, Jennifer. She is an awesome teacher and she writes about her recent conversion to veganism (is that a word?). She will also share glimpses of her life, all with a humorous slant. Most posts come with a vegan recipe, most of which she comes up with herself!

This concludes my list of blogs on the sidebar. I will now move onto my blogroll.

4. Alice in Paris Loves Art and Tea. I have only recently been following this blog which I found just clicking "Next blog" on Blogger. Shelagh Duffett is an artist(Alice was the name of her grandmother) who lives in Nova Scotia. She shares awesome pictures of that beautiful town as well as her bright and cheery artwork, of which some feature cats :)

5. Ask Anna. I found this one through another organizing and cleaning blog I follow. Anna posts about cleaning and organizing. I started reading her blog after I saw her brilliant posts on how to clean your washing machine and dishwasher. She has lots of tips on cleaning EVERYTHING. If you ask her about cleaning something and she doesn't know she will find an answer for you!

Those are the 5 for this week. You can always check the sidebar for ones you may have missed or check out my blogroll for more to come.

I also welcome blog suggestions!! And I do follow those who follow me (unless your blog is in another language -- is there a tool to translate? Because then I will even follow those!!)

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Kim said...

And your strong Christian friend swore in her last entry. :)