Friday, May 20, 2011

Five on Friday 8

More from the blogroll :)

1. Diary of a Familiar-In-Training. This one is from cute kitty, Grimalkin, who lives with a witch and is training to be a witch. He tells you about his lessons and experiences. It's really funny as he is one curious and silly little cat!

2. Footprints. This is about a beautiful family in Hawaii who has a mixture of biological, adoptive and foster children. The posts are short, but sweet :) About their family and what is happening in it.

3. Fuzzy Tales. It's about cats!!! In Canada. Lots of cute pictures, including weekly tussles, gardening and just plain cat awesomeness!!

4. Gathering Wool. Not just about cats, it's also about crafts!!! Cats and crafts. Awesome.

5. House of the Discarded. This blog is about cat rescue in Canada. This woman works tirelessly to rescue cats and find them foster and forever homes. Sometimes it is sad to read, but most times it is very uplifting.

Check my blogroll for more if you can't wait until next week or missed some previous ones :)

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