Sunday, May 29, 2011

Five on Friday 9 (on Sunday)

I totally forgot about this this week. Sorry!! I am still on my blogroll.

1.Housecat Confidential. I just added this one! It is written by a very wise cat :)

2. Jennifer Photography. Jennifer's blog has had several incarnations and the latest is her awesome photography. Mostly from Texas or of her beautiful dogs.

3. KooBuss. For refreshing change of pace, this one is by and about a dog :)

4. Lost Laura. This one is written by my neighbor :) I have a good story about how we met. When I was still on Myspace she friend requested me because she was looking for other army wives here. I still lived in the 4plex and she lived on our current street. Well, we got told we would be moved as they were tearing down the 4plexes. I posted on Myspace and she mentioned that there were a few empty houses in her neighborhood. When we got our new housing assignment I told her the street name and she lived on the same one! Then we figured out it was just 2 duplexes down from ours!! LOL She has since moved across the street and one over because her old house had bad mold issues. I am playing with her cats and changing their litter this week while she is on vacation :)

5. Manx Mnews Another great cat blog!! You know I can't resist a good cat blog LOL.

For more blogs check out my blogroll or list on the side of my blog :)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Robyn! :)

My blog has definitely seen some big changes! LOL! :)