Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kitty Gardener Scout

My mommy found this cool link party on the web and asked me to join. So now you can refer to me as Kitty Gardener Scout

For those of you visiting for the first time my name is Scout and I am a military cat brat. I live at Fort Riley, Kansas, where my mommy adopted me in 2007. I will be 5 years old(or 35 in cat years) in June. I am an inside cat that loves to go outside! I also enjoy drinking from the sink, eating grass and snuggling with my mommy. I have a new best friend and his name is Squiggy Jack. I also have a cool neighbor, Cody the dog(yes, some dogs are nice!)

This is our garden

We really need to get something to corral that hose. I got tangled up in it the other day.
This is our lawn

It has a lot of bare spots that we need to take care of. I like to eat the grass, but I didn't eat all of that!! I just eat a bit to keep it trimmed.

Here I am on my lawn

Yes, I am on a leash. Mommy does not respect my adventurous nature and insists I stay in the yard. Just because I wandered off once or twice and made her worry.

I had mommy work on the dandelions/weeds in the garden on Monday. She still needed to clear this area so she can try growing some vegetables there

It seems a shame to let all that good grass go to waste :(

While we were working a cool biker dude drove by

Actually, that is my daddy!!

The motorcycle makes scary noise, but it is super comfy to relax on when it is quiet!

On Tuesday we did some more work. I had to even up some of the grass after the mowers came

Mommy planted some seeds she got for free from Marion County at an outdoor expo

And she planted a Sundial Mix she got for free at Housing in with our pansies

Daddy helped Mommy clear the grass from the vegetable patch

I made sure Miss K was getting her homework done

Miss K is my friend who comes home with Mommy after school and also comes in the morning to ride in with her. She and her parents are super nice and love me

I get really dirty working so hard

I went over to the neighbors' yard to check on their bushes


A guy gets thirsty doing all that work

That evening Mommy and Daddy went to Walmart and got some pavers(to use as a border)

and some more plants.

On Wednesday Mommy planted yellow pear tomatoes, yellow peppers, eggplant, and zucchini squash
I checked to make sure she did it right

And I checked to make the hose was working

Check out this cool mud hole we made to soften the ground

We are going to plant strawberries there

Thank you for joining me this week. For more kitty gardeners go HERE


Cory said...

Welcome to the Society of Feline Gardeners Scout! You did a brilliant job of evening out the grass...humans can't be relied on to get it purrfect. Looking forward to more garden posts!



Angel + 6 Garden Cottage Cats said...

Hi Scout, You'z did a really Fine job Gardening... you iz furry buzy like me.... You'z gonna fit right in wit all of us Society Feline Gardenerz ^..^
Can't wait to see your garden when it'z growed up ^..^

That corgi :) said...

Good luck with the garden! that is hard work for all, especially you Scout!!