Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Gardening With Scout

Holy Cow, the comments from our previous revised post have come back!!

Kitty Gardener Scout here with more pictures of my garden and yard. Since Blogger lost my post from last week I will be sharing pictures from last week as well as this week.

I have been hard at work as you can see.

We were finally able to get the strawberry plant in the ground :)

We have been having some trouble keeping it alive.

We found some stuff from last year growing in the pansy bed

Which is great because the pansies are not supposed to survive the hot weather and the sundial mix we got for free are all dying!!

Our rose bush has exploded!!

We think a sunflower plant from last year is trying to engulf one of the branches :)

Mommy also "planted" a flamingo LOL It is to remind her and Daddy of Florida.

Our sweet neighbor, Leah, gave us a small plant mix she had received as a gift because she was afraid she would kill it. We transplanted it from her pot to our garden.

We FINALLY got the grass seed down!!

But we need more :(

I had to supervise this from the window because I ran off behind the house. Twice.

A guy gets thirsty from all that work!

I also found a fallen bird's nest from our carport roof(and a smashed egg)

Hope you enjoyed this week's pictures. For more Cat Gardeners go HERE


cindy said...

I hope your strawberry's do well

Sarah, Three Boys said...

Love it, I wish something would grow at our house. I murder plants:( Thanks so much for the great pics, I can live vicariously through you:)

The Cat From Hell said...

Great plants! Way to go!

Kim said...

They really had 16 or 17 total?

Cory said...

Scout looks like you were very busy. It takes talent to snoopervise gardening from the window!