Sunday, May 15, 2011

More Weird Dreams

I am now starting to have dreams about church that are weird. I dream I am back in Florida in my old ward, but no one recognizes me, there are few people I remember AND the church has moved to different buildings.

In the first dream about a week ago, the real building was being remodeled so they were meeting in an office building. At the front of the church they had a live feed of the church building. I did not recognize anyone.

Last night we were meeting in a Catholic church because they somehow lost the church building. Often we hear that the LDS church is the same wherever you go(the structure of the service, the organization, etc), but in this dream I was thiking that this one most definitely was not the same!! I recognized 2 people, but they were in the choir and I could not get to them. I saw 2 more people from the next ward in the foyer, but had to remind them who I was. Another friend was leading a class and recognized me when I introduced myself.

I guess I am nervous and excited about seeing all my old church friends when we go back to Florida :)


That corgi :) said...

I am thinking that too, that you are excited to see friends, etc when you go on your trip so your subconscious mind must be putting this all together in the most interesting of dreams!

(Koda would get out and chase the ducks if we would let him, but he is not trained to come back to us if we let him off leash, so he gets to bark and them, but can't chase them, LOL, which is probably a good thing :)

enjoy the day!


Kea said...

At least your weird dreams have rhyme and reason and you can understand why you are having them!

Happy Monday!

Jennifer said...

Eep! I always have really odd dreams too that are based on some sort of reality! Its probably just the excitement =) mwah!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons