Thursday, June 2, 2011

Packing, Robyn Style

I think this is the first time I ever used my name in a title LOL. Anyway, I thought I would share my packing strategies with you as well as what I am bringing on this trip.

First of all, I make a list. This time I made it on my laptop. As I gathered my stuff I deleted the item right on the computer :) I also color coded it.

So first, we need a suitcase...(forgot to take a before shot!!)

I bought this big one at our PX when my mom died. I did not know how long I would be in California or how much I would want to bring back. I ended up bringing this, plus another one, back; FULL :)

Now to gather my stuff...

with a little help from Scout, that is what I did last night!

Clothes...These were color coded in red on my list. Since this trip is a little over a week I narrowed my choices down to denim and khaki shorts, white capris, white/pink/aqua shirts and a blue tank top(I plan to buy one shirt on the trip), 2 pairs of white socks and several printed ones, 8 pairs of underwear and 2 bras, 2 pairs of pajamas(one casual and one lingerie), bathing suit, black skirt(for church), aqua blouse (for church and graduation) and flowered button shirt(also for church), and a long sleeved gray shirt(in case it is cold).

Accessories...I am only bringing 3 pairs of shoes -- sneaker flats, fancy flats and slippers :) 2 scarves and jewelry(with a soft case) to dress up and change the look of my outifits. They take up less room than more clothes :) And hair accessories (in a cute little case).


I use a flower bag with a tray in the bottom. I put my makeup in the tray and at the hotel I can set it up on the sink with other stuff like lotions, too. In addition to the basics like brush and comb, toothbrush and paste, razor etc I also bring lotion, body butter and body spray all in a citrus scent, and fun shaped bath oils. I also put medicine like Ibruprofen and Exedrin as well as bandaids and ointment in there. I put the liquidy stuff in plastic bags.

I also included 3 back up books and a book for my sis in law, present for mother in law, flag for my bro in law, shirt for my nephew, craft stuff(because I am making a present while there), a plastic cup and lid, baggie with Cafix and a plastic spoon, herbal tea packets, and 2 beach towels(yes, I could borrow these from my inlaws or sneak from the hotel, but I am more comfortable bringing my own).

Then I gathered TJ's stuff, For clothes he has a pair of khaki, denim, and mesh shorts, 2 T-shirts(we plan to buy him a couple Harley ones there), Hawaiian shirt and polo(for church), black jeans, swim trunks, 8 days worth of underwear, and a few socks plus a long sleeved shirt. He also is bringing sneakers and flipflops

For toiletries we can share stuff like toothpaste so he just needed his toothbrush, Deodorant, Bayer(for his back), a razor and aftershave.

I prefer to roll the clothes as it supposedly takes up less room.

Nice clothes get laid flat on top.

Everything fits!!

Now on to the carryons :)

TJ goes with his trusty "assault pack". I bought a fun multi colored tote from Walmart.

In the zippered pocket inside are pillboxes with essential meds such as celexa, and vitamins(stuff I cannot buy or get in Florida, in case my luggage were to get lost!), plus a pill splitter with Xanax(for the flights!) and Exedrin. In the side pocket is my iPod. Inside the main part is a homemade pillow, books, small notebook and a pen, wallet, camera, Book of Mormon, cell phone and my Coach purse(I don't want that getting lost either!!!). trashy magazines, a small blanket, and candy!!.

TJ will be taking his laptop and mine(plus electronics accessories)

Now, we also had to choose our traveling outfits. TJ is going with a t-shirt and shorts. I am going with my white capris, a white t-shirt with blue tanktop(this frees up extra space in my suitcase), and long sleeved shirt around my waist(or in my carry-on).

I think we are ready now!!

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That corgi :) said...

it looks like you are ready!! very organized with how you go about packing! the travel outfit is always fun to pick to wear too! I'm with you, rolling clothes is supposed to take less room and make them less wrinkly too I think!