Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Post Storm Gardening With Scout

Hello, everyone. This has been a crazy week. My mommy is home with me everyday on her summer vacation, which is awesome, but we both miss our friend Miss K. Then we had crazy weather! Super hot, then wind, rain, tornado watches!! Our poor pansies could not take it and hid themselves!

The roses were a bit camera shy because of the wind

But we got a shot of one's full boom

And the whole crazy bush!

Today it is sunny and warm so I went out to snoopervise Mommy and check on the grass that was cut on Tuesday

I also needed to take a quick sun bath

Mommy tilled the ground and put down more grass seed

Look at our veggies today!!

Our pepper plant has a bud

And our strawberry plant is hanging on!!

It is very important to check on the drain pipes

And my dirt bath spots(they were too muddy to use today)

Isn't this tree cool?

The grass on the side of our house is as sweet as ever!

Mommy says if we were going to live here longer she would have done something with this space

We also wanted to show you the Cottonwood Tree across the street that is providing us with lots of summer snow :)

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Angel + 6 Garden Cottage Cats said...

Wow!!! You sure haz lotz goin on ^..^ And dat'z sum big sunpuddle you bathin in :) We gladz cauze da sun F I N A L LY Come back here.... but tornadoez iz Bad
We likez your big tree ,,, ana iz real good at climbing dem ^..^
Purrz ~ All of Us

That corgi :) said...

I think Scout you enjoy your mom around these days!! looks like a lot of interesting things growing in your yard!! some of them should taste really good too like the peppers and strawberries!