Sunday, May 22, 2011

Run For The Wall 2011

Run For The Wall motorcycle riders made their annual stop in Junction City today. Run For The Wall is when bikers get together, starting in California, and ride cross country to meet at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC on Memorial Day. There are 3routes, the North, Central and South. We are on the Central route. For a few years now the riders have made an overnight in Junction City where we welcome them with a flag lined path down Washington Street and many people waiting at Heritage Park where we have our own Vietnam Memorial Wall.

Our American Legion (which TJ is now a part of) feeds them dinner and breakfast. We have been told that this is one of the riders' favorite stops on the way.

Corner of Washington and 5th streets


Fuel Crew

Police Escort

And the riders!!!

TJ after his ride. The HOG group rode out to Oakley, KS(over 100 miles from here), to escort them to JC

One of the riders gave him this

It is also our one year anniversary of having Big Betty

She made the trip last year, too, one day after we bought her!

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That corgi :) said...

how neat to be part of this!! I remember being in DC in 1989 for my sister's wedding Memorial Day and seeing all the bikes in DC; it was very memorable indeed!